About us

We are a provider of professional virtual assistant services which is one of the most useful services any business or sole trader can have today. Built around the concept of providing our clients with a serviceable solution to any problem you have, we are dedicated to both customer service and providing remote assistance to any situation you may require help in.

About Us

What Benefits you will get from Our Services?

Here are the Awesome Benefits of Our VIRTUALZX that are worth considering:

  • Our aim is to provide quality service first and foremost, but also to give our clients a sense of how much more work you can get completed when you do not have the burden of all the little tasks!
  • Free up your time and allow your business to breathe and grow with one of the most organized and efficient firms around that deal with lifestyle management, time management, and virtual assistants for hire to ensure that you have the time to rake in the clients.
  • So let us help you today, our efficient and powerful service creates a gap in your schedule, while you have quality work produced for you!
  • Our service is client-centric and is based on what you need when you need it.
  • VirtualZX gives you a completely stress-free life. Being an entrepreneur means so much to handle every day. Phone calls, meetings often become troublesome to handle and personal life often gets affected. So the benefit is here as you can put the weight of responsibility to someone who could manage most of your work and life goes easy.
  • VirtualZX Helps You Save Money In Business. When you hire an office assistant, a huge costing is involved in the name of training, casual leaves, recruitment, infrastructure, etc. While if you hire a VA then there is no involvement of additional infrastructure and training. We already have those and you also do not have to pay for insurance, bear the cost of yearly leaves. Besides, the hiring cost is based on – Pay/Hour, Pay/Project, and others.
  • VirtualZX Company Offers You A One-Stop Solution To All Your Needs. You do not need to reach several other companies to meet your digital needs. We can provide you services ranging from appointment scheduling, digital marketing, eCommerce management, email management, content writing, and many more. The best part is that all the services are based on a subscription where charges are applied hourly or minutes basis.
  • We Can Help You Manage Your Projects Efficiently. You do not need to pour so much time into it. We are experienced and trained in organizing tasks and respond to queries at the earliest.
  • We Can Also Manage Your Personal Wanting. Our Team will find out the best deals of products or services for your Business. Moreover, we will also help you towards fulfilling personal needs such as online shopping, flight booking and securing a seat at a baseball game, and many more.
  • We Can Ease Your Pressure Towards Managing 1000+ Products In Your Online Shopping Store And Compare Pricing With Your Competitors. The best part is that when you will hire us the work can be processed overnight and there could be no chance of any delay. This can be taken as an advantage.

Lastly but Certainly, A VirtualZX Can Remind You about Day to Day Tasks, Upcoming Meetings, planned holidays ahead of you, attend vital phone calls when you are busy, etc. Besides, one of the assured benefits of hiring VirtualZX is a well-managed and balanced system will be there in your corporate life… Because Everyone Needs A Virtual Companion!

About Us

Your Virtual Business Partners:

  • Choose The Support You Need
  • Save Time And Money
  • Eliminate Stress And Overwhelm
  • Reduce Overhead Costs
  • Confidentiality Guaranteed

Why VirtualZX is Reliable? Yes, We Are!

  • We Are Trained, Professional
  • We Can Be Anybody!
  • We Work While You Sleep!
  • We Can Provide Honest Opinion If Needed!
  • We Can Scale Up And Down As Needed!
  • We Are Resourceful!
About Us

The Right Choice:

Looking for a solution to the Stressful, Time-Intensive responsibilities that go with running your business? You need the overflow off your desk, freeing up valuable and much needed time to concentrate on building revenue. Could you use a business partner to not only help manage it but grow it as well?

Our Simplified Process & 100% Work Satisfaction Guarantee provides for the first task as FREE Work Time to your Virtual Assistants to ensure that you never have to pay for anything other than Productive Time Invested in Work.

We provide a full range of virtual assistant services; specializing in meeting your particular needs whatever they may be. Your virtual assistant is ready to work immediately, fully equipped to complete any task or project you need.

We also offer project managers who can manage a team of virtual assistants for you. If you have numerous projects going on like most entrepreneurs do that require a vast array of skill sets you will want to have one of our project managers oversee our team of handpicked experts? This way you can just delegate the project to us and will manage it from beginning to end utilizing multiple virtual assistants while you focus on other things. We are quickly becoming the leader in virtual assistant services.

At Virtual ZX, your Dedicated Virtual Assistant can handle any task and is available anytime you choose, business hours, out of hours, or weekends. Below is a list of tasks but not limited to, which the Virtual Assistant can do. If you have requirements other than listed below, please contact us and we will give you a tailored service solution.

At, VirtualZX Works Made Easy!

If You Are Do Bookings In The Next 24 Hours, You Will Get 20 Hours Of Free Service From One Of Our Best Executives!

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